Shell Ideas360 helps give a taste of some the skills that flourish within a global business

From the outside, it can be hard to understand the huge variety of career paths you can follow within a company the size of Shell. The Shell Ideas360 programme helps to give a taste of some the skills that flourish within such a varied global business.

“Shell Ideas360 is very representative of the way we approach innovation within Shell. You start with the business opportunities, then build out your business case according to developing circumstances. This is how teams build their ideas from Stage 1 and through Stage 2 of Shell Ideas360. You can really see ideas grow and come to fruition throughout the programme”, explains Michael Kaldenbach, Shell Innovation Theme Advisor, and mentor of 2017 Shell Ideas360 finalists, Team Rocket.

Shell Ideas360 reflects how vital innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is to the business. “Shell is at the cutting edge of technical development in the oil and gas industry. Innovation is critical as it will allow us to remain competitive in a market that is facing turbulent times. It also helps our transition towards new energies and new business development”, explains Michael.

Joining a global business seeking smart solutions to the energy challenges of the future, opens up myriad career opportunities for bright young minds. “Every year I encounter new amazing people with amazing roles that I had never heard of”, says Michael. From technical careers like specialised glass blowers who design and create custom parts for Shell’s lab equipment, to IT experts and commercial roles in sales and marketing, the opportunities are almost endless.

To help them find a role that fits and ensure that graduate recruits are inspired and stimulated, each one is given a high degree of autonomy. “You may do a specific role, but lots of time is spent on training courses and you have the freedom to choose your areas of interest”, explains Michael who has mentored Shell Graduates for several years.

A big bonus of choosing a career with Shell is the opportunity to work around the globe. Michael started his career in the Netherlands, but has since worked in Shanghai, and travelled the world with Shell. “There are plenty of opportunities to get a taste of different environments and cultures”, he says.

However, you don’t have to move anywhere to get world class experiences at Shell. “I soon realised that working in IT at Shell isn’t a typical IT career. Any project you work on is on a massive scale, so it really stretches you. The reward for this is that you have amazing learning opportunities. The systems we work on affect tens of thousands of people. That really gets my creative juices going”, explains Michael.

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