Shell Ideas360 finalist ideas

From creative designs that re-model existing technologies to concepts that challenge our perception of global issues, we are excited to announce the five inspiring and innovative ideas that have made it through to the finals of Shell Ideas360!

Team Rocket, Nanyang Technological University
Coming from Singapore, Team Rocket have created KoolStore, an affordable and simple tool that keeps fresh produce cool for households without regular access to electricity. The container uses passive and evaporative cooling methods whilst air pockets within the product itself provide insulation. See how the KoolStore model can be easily used and built here.

Delft Idea Group, Delft University of Technology
Representing the Netherlands, Fix&Fish is an idea that centres around changing how we view the problem of plastic waste accumulation. How? By creating processing plants that convert plastic waste into fishnets using low-tech processes easily replicable in local communities. See here how this idea tackles growing food demand and plastic waste accumulation simultaneously.

Smart Panels, University of Texas at Austin
Smart Panels is an innovative energy solution from a US team that addresses an existing problem with a form of renewable energy technology: solar panels. By shaping memory alloy into springs that stretch when cool, see here how this simple system ensures a solar panel continually faces the sun’s position in the sky by responding to a temperature gradient. This helps increase its energy output,.

TheBlueTap, University of Cambridge
Hailing from the UK, TheBlueTap chlorine injector is a delivery system, built by 3D printers, that injects chlorine into water as it flows through a pipe. Based on the Venturi principle, the product can be locally maintained and initially created for just $16, making it affordable and easy to use for local plumbers. TheBlueTap’s solution is not just an innovative product, but a distribution method that ensures maintenance and installation are simple. See how TheBlueTap chlorine injector works here.

Takniquee, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Air cooling systems require a huge amount of energy to run – they account for 40% of Delhi’s total electricity and 20% of total household electricity in the US. Watch here how Takniquee, created by a team in India, have created a solution that reduces electricity consumption and carbon footprint by installing water tanks in the walls of a building. The water is heated and passively circulated keeping the inner wall relatively cool, reducing the air temperature and the need for air cooling systems.


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