Entering student competitions like Shell Ideas360 is a great way to bolster your CV, and something to consider at any point in your higher education journey, not just in the final year. Beyond the obvious benefit of looking great on a CV, competitions allow students to meet new and inspiring people, challenge themselves outside of the classroom and develop innovative ideas which have the potential to shape our future planet.

This article outlines some of the fantastic benefits that can come from jumping out of your comfort zone, and taking part in some friendly academic rivalry in competitions such as Shell Ideas360.

  • Feel Challenged: It’s not until we are challenged that we realise what we are truly capable of. Student competitions can help you achieve your full potential by offering new experiences beyond what you have experienced at school, college or university. These offer the opportunity to look at challenges you may not have faced before, without the safety blanket of teachers or lecturers to provide all your answers! Have you ever had to pitch an idea in front of a room full of experts before? You’ll never know until you try!
  • Enjoy the process: Winning isn’t everything. The key when entering a student competition is to enjoy the journey you take with your team. The skills you learn along the way and the experience will be invaluable to you in the future, but it is also an amazing way to meet new people and bond as a team.
  • Get access to the best in the business: Taking part in competitions allows you to meet and network with a whole host of new people, from CEOs and MDs, to academics and experts in their fields. Shell Ideas360 gives you access to vital professional mentors, to guide you through the process and make sure you are stretching your idea to its full potential. So, make sure you keep an open mind and learn as much as possible.
  • Tackle real world issues: In your educational career it is commonplace to tackle theoretical issues or situations, but most student competitions ask you to solve real pressing world issues, and think outside of the box, or classroom. Shell Ideas360 encourages ideas from student teams to tackle the most important issues for future food, water and energy sources.
  • Explore creativity and innovation: Competitions allow you to express your creativity and strategic thinking whilst fine tuning your skills. Working in a team and with mentors pushes your creativity and some Shell Ideas360 webcasts are specifically focused on creativity and innovation, which can come in very handy as your career progresses. Moreover, the process of entering a competition allows you to test and develop an idea to see if it is viable – can you make a real difference in the world?

 Shape your own future: Entering competitions which you have a passion for can help you decide your own future path, and can also highlight areas you don’t enjoy as much as others. Soak up the experience and let it inspire you.

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