#MeetTheFinalists LV Consulting - Shell Ideas360


#MeetTheFinalists LV Consulting from University of Texas at Austin, USA

The team from University of Texas at Austin, LV Consulting, bring together a wide range of expertise, with majors in biochemistry, medical engineering and government. Uksang Yoo, Logan Hageman, Arjun Menta and Alfredo Serrato have pooled their talents to enable them to come up with an idea that could revolutionise agriculture.

Their idea seeks to reduce production costs by cutting water and energy waste, while increasing the speed of harvesting and addressing the labour shortage. “Our self-robotic limb creates a non-invasive and non-damaging way to collect fruit that’s much faster and more efficient. Because it can be more controlled, less power is wasted, and it will hopefully increase the efficiency of farming, and decrease the output price”, explain the team.

Going through the Shell Ideas360 programme has pushed the team to become more focused. They have had to look beyond the engineering challenges of developing their idea, to create a viable business model that reflects government policies. They also had to learn how to develop a prototype using 3D printers and laser cutting machines. All of this allowed them to gain a diverse range of new skills.

LV Consulting is proud to represent the US in the Shell Ideas360 final, but their bigger goal is to be able to contribute an idea with the potential to change the world.

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