The main question we face today is how do we carve a sustainable future for people and planet? Students of today are integral to unlocking future solutions to help solve the most challenging issues such as climate change, producing cleaner energy and fighting poverty.

But an even bigger question for individual students is what are the best futureproof careers to pursue if you want to embark on a journey of innovation? There are a vast range of roles out there involving a diverse range of skills.

Shell Ideas360 looks at some of the top futureproof jobs in energy and innovation to help shape our future world.


The demand for Engineers is expected to boom as technology continues to grow and expand. Engineers cover a huge range of specialities and are expected to play an important role shaping the future world around us. Engineers turn ideas into reality (Engineering Council, 2017).

Inspirational Electrical Engineer, Sanwal Muneer, is one such example. He is currently working to harness the power of wind generated by road traffic, via his company Capture Mobility. As a previous winner of Shell LIVEWire, Capture Mobility aims to install small wind turbines at the side of busy roads to capture and generate power.

Product Designer

Although you may not immediately link this profession to energy – two successful Product Designers can show you how it is done! Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves have helped revolutionise lighting for those living off the energy grid in Kenya, with their invention GravityLight. Working with Shell, the GravityLight team are working to help villages replace inefficient and risky kerosene lamps with a safe source of light.

With product design…the possibilities are limitless.


If you are onto a viable world changing idea, why not go full speed ahead? Shell regularly partners with and supports entrepreneurs who are helping shape the future of energy and innovation. Forward-thinking companies encourage employees to bring their entrepreneurial and creative thinking into the company, as it inspires big thinking and innovative ideas.

Entering student programmes such as Shell Ideas360 can be a great way to put your good idea to the test, whilst gaining access to a network of expert mentors and professional minds. Be inspired by success stories like Daniel Lee, a former Shell Ideas360 participant with an entrepreneurial spirit and now Shell employee, whose innovative idea to float solar panels on the ocean, helped him land his dream job.


Cities around the world are already planning to safeguard themselves from issues posed by climate change such as rising oceans and extreme weather. Sustainable housing and green buildings are at the forefront of everyone’s minds as a key tool to reducing the future demand for energy.

With more people moving to cities than ever before (According to the United Nations, 2.5 billion more city dwellers are expected by 2050), smart, sustainable cities will be integral to the future of urban planning.

…And don’t forget to amplify your own ideas!

Take inspiration from Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer Destin Sandlin whose YouTube channel ‘Smarter Every Day’ has over 4 million subscribers. Use online platforms and become an influencer in your own right, to bring your ideas and thinking to a wider engaged audience. Shell, and the projects it supports, work closely with influencers to help spread awareness of innovative ideas.

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