A chance glimpse of a poster on the wall of the Singapore University of Technology proved to be life changing for Daniel Lee. In 2016, when he was a business student at the university, the sign calling for entries to the Shell Ideas360 programme caught his eye and he decided to take up the challenge.

This was a brave move, as unlike many students who enter ideas, Daniel was not studying science or engineering, nor was he part of a team. But he recognised that Shell Ideas360 is a golden opportunity for any student. His courage paid off as his bright idea of Seashrooms, which use floating solar panels to harness the power of the sun, was picked as one of the five finalists in 2016.

This saw him travel to London to pitch his idea to the judges at Make the Future Live.  This experience helped develop his skills and confidence to give him the edge when applying for jobs at Shell. He is now part of the External Relations team in Singapore working on the Shell #IdeaRefinery, a programme that supports early-stage Singaporean startups.

How to make the most of Shell Ideas360

Shell Ideas360 helped set Daniel on the path to success and in a recent webinar he shared his advice on how to make the most of the programme, here we summarise his top tips:

  • Live in the moment: It’s easy to take many things for granted if you live in developed communities. Take a moment to consider that some places don’t even have power or lighting to be able to study at night. This realisation can help you begin developing your idea.
  • Integration is key: You don’t necessarily have to create new technology for every idea, instead think about how you could use the existing technologies to provide new answers.
  • Global thinking: Issues such as global warming and the energy challenge impact everyone so we should be thinking about how solutions can benefit humanity.
  • Diverse backgrounds: You don’t have to be a scientist or engineer to begin solving the world’s energy, food or water challenges. Shell Ideas360 accepts pitches from university students across all disciplines.
  • Keep it simple: Make your idea lean – simplify it and summarise it succinctly. Keep in mind what the aim is and think about how to best draw that out. Explain it to people around you – friends, family members, and see if they understand the idea.
  • Think critically: Part of the Shell Ideas360 process is having your idea challenged by your mentor to help you to develop and improve your idea. Daniel believes that learning how to react to constructive criticism and using it to continually improve has been vital in his current career.
  • Career inspiration: During the Shell Ideas360 programme students get the chance to meet senior members of the Shell team. This gave Daniel insight into how Shell promotes innovation to develop cleaner energy solutions for the future and inspired him to pursue a career there.

Daniel’s experience illustrates how entering student programmes like Shell Ideas360 allow you to put practical real-world skills in action, which will really set you apart in your future studies and careers.

Watch Daniel’s webinar here.

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