Shell Ideas360 Webcast with Anji Hunter


An inspiring webcast in our Learning Sessions

Inspirational and bold are two words that perfectly sum up the illustrious career of Anji Hunter, who shared her professional wisdom with student competitors via a Shell Ideas360 webcast to celebrate International Women’s Day this year.

Anji’s career has spanned across many senior roles from UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Director of Government Relations, through working for BP and Anglo American to setting up the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. These varied roles have allowed her to develop a fascination for the future of energy and for mentoring the next generation of female leaders.

Her unique experience leaves Anji ideally placed to offer some insightful tips to help inspire today’s Shell Ideas360 students. Here she shares her four essential pieces of career advice:

  1. Choose a career you love. Pick an area that excites and motivates you and allow this to become the thread that runs through everything you do throughout your working life. You’ll be most successful when you’re passionate about your job and love what you do.
  2. Be confident. If you believe in yourself you will get there. Anji believes this is particularly important for women as they often undervalue themselves. Being confident in yourself and showing it on the outside is invaluable in your career. If you don’t feel confident in yourself then it’s much harder to convince others to be confident in you!
  3. Always aim high. You should be ambitious and learn from the leaders around you. Mentors like Tony Blair have played a crucial role in Anji’s career and the ability to learn from experts is invaluable. This is why students are offered the chance to learn from mentors as part of the Shell Ideas360 competition. Once you find a mentor, study them, learn from them and grow from them.
  4. Remember, what goes around, comes around. Throughout her career Anji’s golden rule is that if you work hard and treat those around you well, you will get your rewards. People never forget kindness and you don’t know when someone will be able to help you out in the future. Her dad used to tell her “always say hi to the doorman”.

Anji’s tips illustrate the important role of mentors play in developing a successful career. During the webcast she revealed how much her own role models had influenced her and her career. For example, Cynthia Carroll, who consistently worked to champion women in her business, . It is thanks to the influence of Anji’s mentors  in igniting her fascination with the future of energy that she is keen to help inspire the student competitors in Shell Ideas360 as they develop smart ideas to change the future of energy, water and food.

To find out more about Anji Hunter’s bold career moves you can view the full webcast here.

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