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Judges and Judging Criteria

Meet our Judges

Joanne Bole

Global Social Investment Manager at Shell

Joanne leads implementation of the Social Investment strategy with a strong focus on Access to Energy, STEM Education, Community Skills and Enterprise Development.

Paola Criscuolo

Associate professor in Innovation Management, Imperial College Business School

Paola's recent publication won the 2016 Jürgen Hauschildt Award and the 2016 EBS Business School Best Paper Award

Georgios Bonias

Energy Modeller at Shell

Georgios has 10 years of experience in Supply Chain and Analytics roles

Lene Hviid

Global Manager for Shell Research Connect & GameChanger at Shell

Lene is currently the Global Manager for Shell Research Connect & GameChanger at Shell Global Solutions and board member of Norske Shell

Dr. Chris Brauer

Director of Innovation, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr. Chris is the Director of Innovation, Institute of Management Studies and Founder of the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies, Goldsmiths, University of London

Jesse Stanley

Group Strategy Advisor, Shell

Jesse has worked primarily in Downstream in a variety of global roles ranging from supply chain operations to global marketing & business development

Our review process

Our team of experts read and review every idea. They need to be able to assess the strength of each idea and consider how well the submission answers the following questions. To help you, we’ve included some guidance of what you will need to consider.

Novel: How novel or original is the idea?

Your answer should include: What existing idea could you be compared to and why is your idea different? Why is your idea innovative?

Doable: How easy is it to achieve the idea?

Think about How do-able, achieveable or feasible is this idea? What are the obstacles; be realistic and what would you need to deliver this.

Value: What benefits (business/social/etc.) would the idea deliver? What is the potential value of this idea?

Consider the wider value whether its financial, political, social or technology etc. And don’t try and sell this to Shell. This isn’t about Shell, this is about the idea.

Relevance: How relevant is the idea to the Food/Energy/Water topic?

Many of the ideas touch more than one of the topics, so please consider this in your answer. The greater the relevance, the greater the impact.


A picture can tell a thousand words, so this year, our reviewers have asked for the image to ‘represent’ your idea. You can be creative as you like, but remember, this could make or break your entry. A diagram or drawing of your idea, well illustrated, may be a lot easier to understand than trying to explain your idea in a few hundred words.

Good luck


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