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Judges and Judging Criteria

Meet our Judges

Jaco Fok

Manager T&I Excellence, Shell

Jaco joined Shell in 2012 to help make the transition towards a more Open Innovation approach.

Laura Young

General Manager Lubricants Supply Chain, Global Operations

During her 25 year career in Shell Downstream Laura has held significant business and transformational leadership roles, leading commercial businesses and supply chain teams, working extensively across Asia and Europe.

Claire Ruskin

CEO Cambridge Network

Claire has long been part of the Cambridge Phenomenon, helping businesses use technology and innovation to create new products and businesses.

Alexander Moen

Vice President, Explorers Program, National Geographic

Alex Moen is vice president of National Geographic’s Explorers Program.

Mallika Ishwaran

Senior Economist, Group Strategy

Mallika Ishwaran is Senior Economist and a member of the Shell scenarios team, within Shell International’s global finance and strategy function.

Pradeep Pursnani

Shell Foundation

Pradeep joined Shell Foundation in early 2010 to run the organisation’s expanding clean cook stoves program, following three years in Strategy and Portfolio for Shell Group.

Our review process

Our team of experts read and review every idea. They need to be able to assess the strength of each idea and consider how well the submission answers the following questions. To help you, we’ve included some guidance of what you will need to consider.

Novel: How novel or original is the idea?

Your answer should include: What existing idea could you be compared to and why is your idea different? Why is your idea innovative?

Doable: How easy is it to achieve the idea?

Think about How do-able, achieveable or feasible is this idea? What are the obstacles; be realistic and what would you need to deliver this.

Value: What benefits (business/social/etc.) would the idea deliver? What is the potential value of this idea?

Consider the wider value whether its financial, political, social or technology etc. And don’t try and sell this to Shell. This isn’t about Shell, this is about the idea.

Relevance: How relevant is the idea to the Food/Energy/Water topic?

Many of the ideas touch more than one of the topics, so please consider this in your answer. The greater the relevance, the greater the impact.


A picture can tell a thousand words, so this year, our reviewers have asked for the image to ‘represent’ your idea. You can be creative as you like, but remember, this could make or break your entry. A diagram or drawing of your idea, well illustrated, may be a lot easier to understand than trying to explain your idea in a few hundred words.

Good luck


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