FAQs - Shell Ideas360


What is Shell Ideas360?

Shell Ideas360 is a global competition organised by Shell International for students to develop game-changing ideas for tackling Energy, Food and Water issues.

Why Shell Ideas360?

At Shell we believe human ingenuity holds the key to unlocking innovative thinking. This competition is a way of fostering innovation and, potentially, turning your ideas into reality.

Why take part in Shell Ideas360?

Shell Ideas360 invites you to become part of an international community of like-minded students and learn skills that will be invaluable for your studies and future career.

  • The chance to win an Adventure of a lifetime
  • All ideas submitted to Shell Ideas360 have the chance to be considered by our innovation incubator
  • If you reach the later stages of the competition, you'll have the support and guidance of Shell experts and mentors
  • Finalists will be flown to the UK, in July 2018 to present their final ideas. You will also meet an exclusive group of business and thought leaders

How does Shell Ideas360 work?

Shell Ideas360 involves a number of key stages. In Stage 1, participants register, access Learning Sessions and submit an initial idea. The ideas are evaluated and teams selected through to Stage 2. In Stage 2 teams will develop their ideas in conjunction with Shell Mentors and Subject Matter Experts. Stage 3 will see five finalists selected to present their idea to a panel of judges.

Who can participate?

Participation in the Competition is open to any person who (i) is, or will be, aged 18 or over by 01/12/2016; and (ii) is currently studying (and is officially registered to continue studying until at least 01/12/2017) as a full time bachelors or masters student at a recognised, degree awarding university or other equivalent higher education establishment (an "Eligible Student").

Are there any age restrictions?

An Eligible Student under the age of 18 at the time of registration for the Competition must have the consent of his/her parent or legal guardian to accept these terms and conditions and to participate in the Competition

How can I enter the Competition?

Register and set up your personal profile at www.shellideas360.com. If you wish, invite other students to form a team, or participate as an individual. Teams nominate a team captain who can submit an idea on behalf of the team.

Can participants enter as an individual?

Yes. Participants can participate as an individual.

What is the maximum team size?

The maximum number of students per team is 3.

Can I be a member of more than one team?

No. Participants must be a member of one team only.

Do team members have to attend the same University?

No. Team members can be from different Universities/countries as along as each team member meets the eligibility criteria.

Do team members have to be in the same academic year?

No. Team members can be from different academic years as along as each team member meets the eligibility criteria.

What is meant by 'degree-awarding institution'?

Any institution which has been granted the authority to award degrees by the relevant national government, recognised body or accredited association.

Will participants have contact with Shell staff during the competition?

In Stage 2, participants will have access to Shell Mentors and Subject Matter Experts to provide support by phone/email to support with their submission.

What role will Universities play in Shell Ideas360?

Each participant/team will be required to nominate a member of academic staff who will act as a University Sponsor. This person must be identified when submitting an initial idea and be a member of the academic staff of one of the participant's Universities.

What are the prizes?

  • Each Individual Participant and Team Participant that submits an idea in the Competition will receive 3 months subscription to the print and digital edition of WIRED magazine.
  • Each Individual Participant and Team Participant selected to progress to Stage 2 of the Competition will receive a year's subscription to the print and digital edition of National Geographic magazine. A one-year subscription includes 12 monthly issues to the print and iPad/iPhone editions of National Geographic magazine.
  • The Individual Participant or each Team Participant in the Team selected as the winner of the Competition will win an adventure to be taken during the university summer vacation period in 2018. The adventure will be chosen by the winner from a shortlist of 5 expeditions selected by the Promoter. The prize is subject to acceptance by the Individual Participant/each Team Participant of the terms and conditions relating to the relevant adventure selected from the shortlist.

Read all about the Prizes and Benefits here.

Will participants get a job at Shell?

Shell Ideas360 is not part of Shell's recruitment process and performance in the competition will not influence job applications. Participants are welcome to explore career opportunities or internships at Shell, please visit our website www.shell.com/careers for further information.

Are there any stipulations on language?

Competition documents and products provided (proposals, submissions, videos and presentations) are all required to be in English.

What is the theme of Shell Ideas360

The theme of Shell Ideas360 is "People & Planet - the Energy, Water and Food Challenge". All teams will be requested to develop an innovative idea and proposal related to Energy, Water and Food.

What are the key dates and deadlines for Shell Ideas360?

STAGE 1 15 SEPTEMBER 2017 - 19 JANUARY 2018
15 September 2017 Competition opens and Eligible Students can submit ideas on Competition Website
19 January 2018 Deadline for submission of Stage 1 ideas
20 February 2018 Individual Participants/Teams selected to proceed to Stage 2 are informed
27 February Individual Participants/Teams develop in-depth idea proposal and video. Individual Participants/Teams will be assigned a Shell Mentor and have access to Subject Matter Experts
20 April Deadline for submission of Stage 2 idea - Project Proposal and Video
07 May Individual Participants/Teams selected to proceed to Stage 3 are informed (the "Finalists")
STAGE 3 14 MAY - 05 JULY 2018
22 June The Finalists prepare their final presentations
02 July The Finalists arrive in The UK, for the Final Event
05 July Final Event - Panel of Judges select the Winner of the Competition

All Key Dates are listed here

When will teams from Stage 1 and Stage 2 be notified?

All entrants will be notified of Stage 1 results by 20 February, 2018, and Stage 2 results by 07 May, 2018. Teams will not receive feedback or comments from the Reviewers made during the review process.

Late entries

Late submissions will not be accepted after the closing time based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

How are ideas evaluated?

  • Stage 1 - basic information about an idea that could help solve Energy, Water or Food issues, including the following details:
    • TITLE (6 words)
    • THE ELEVATOR PITCH- a description of the idea in a couple of sentences (60 words)
    • IMAGE/PHOTOrepresenting the idea
      • How novel is your idea?
      • How doable is your idea?
      • How relevant is your idea?
      • How valuable is your idea?
  • Stage 2 - a detailed project proposal and video (up to 3 minutes) explaining their idea in more detail. A briefing pack containing specific guidance as to the requirements for Stage 2 will be sent to relevant Participants at the start of Stage 2.
  • Stage 3 - Pitch with supporting slides for presentation at the Final Event.A briefing pack containing specific guidance as to the requirements for Stage 3 will be sent to relevant Participants at the start of Stage 3.

What happens in Stage 1?

  • Register online
  • Explore online community. Participants have the option to form teams
  • Introductory Learning Sessions
  • Submission of idea to enter the competition.

What happens in Stage 2?

Up to 100 teams will be selected to develop their idea and submit a detailed report (not including references where required) and a video pitch no longer than 3 minutes.Selected ideas will have access to:

  • A designated mentor
  • Expert Learning Sessions; support to further develop idea
  • Leadership & business skills training

What happens in Stage 3?

Finalist teams receive:

  • A trip to the UK
  • Intensive coaching
  • Pitch idea to senior Shell executives, innovators and industry leaders

The five finalist teams will be expected to give a presentation followed by a Q&A session using a format of their choice (video/PowerPoint etc) to pitch their idea to a panel of Judges. The winner will be selected and announced at the end of this event.

Who are the judges?

Judges comprise of Shell senior leaders, external industry experts and venture capitalists.

What happens if a team cannot attend the Final Event?

In the case of a Team selected as a Finalist, at least one Team Participant must attend the Final Event on behalf of his/her Team. Such Teams will be required to confirm by 31 May 2018 the availability of at least one Team Participant to attend the Final Event. In the event that a Team does not provide such confirmation, the Promoter at its sole discretion may arrange for a replacement Team to be selected.

How do I access the Learning Sessions?

You must register online at www.shellideas360.com then you can access all Learning Sessions organized. You can participate and interact in the sessions or watch them later at your convenience. 

What photos can I upload to support my idea?

Participants must only use photography which they have originated or third party photography for which they have consent. For further information please refer to competition Terms and Conditions.

Who owns the intellectual property of the idea?

The participants own the Intellectual Property (IP) of their idea. By participating in Shell Ideas360, Shell is granted global licensing rights to market, promote and communicate the ideas For further information please refer to competition Terms and Conditions.

How can I get my university involved?

ANNOUNCE: Encourage student participation
PARTICIPATE: Be a University Sponsor and help your team with their ideas
INCORPORATE: Complement theoretical teaching by including Shell Ideas360 as a practical project.

How will this Competition fit into my curriculum?

Complement theoretical teaching by including Shell Ideas360 as a practical project. For more information please email us at shellideas360@shell.com

As my students create their projects, what can I do to ensure that they only include media they have permission to use?

Talk to your students about copyright-free media, and share information about Creative Commons licensing Search for images using Google's Advanced Search, and select usage rights marked "labeled for reuse." Encourage your students to be creative by using their own photos or videos to bring their idea to life

Still have a few questions for us?

Email shellideas360@shell.com and visit www.shellideas360.com