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Results published week of 26th January 2015

What if you could win the adventure of a lifetime?

Trekking across some of the world’s most legendary mountains; kayaking amid icebergs and glacier; discovering wild and stunning landscapes – this could be you!

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What Ideas360 teams think

Team Glas: 2013/2014 Competition Winners

Skywell was one of 668 entries in Season One (2013-14) of the competition. It clearly impressed the judges, who selected it as the winner at the finals in the Netherlands in May.

For Sami, Charles and Al-Hurr it was the perfect ending to a long and rewarding journey of learning and discovery.

“It’s been a very positive experience” says Sami. “It’s given us the opportunity to do a lot of things for the first time. We’ve had to take the idea all the way from initial proposal to presenting it to, and fielding questions from, a panel of expert judges at the finals.”

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Can one idea change the world?

Discover how last year’s winners designed a way to harvest drinking water from moisture in the air.

Australian students reach global final

Three Australian students from Monash University have reached the final of Shell Ideas360.

Energy Shavers — Taking A First Step to Save The World

Students from the Engineering Science Programme represent Singapore and NUS in this years competition.